Sunday 26 February 2017

Another nit well and truly picked

I might be nit-picking, or it could just be that standards of accuracy at the BBC are slipping, but there was another election-based blunder from the BBC today. 

The offender this time was Mark Mardell on The World This Weekend

He was visiting the constituency of Thurrock in Essex and 'informed' us:
This area in the Thames Estuary was won by the Conservatives in the last two elections but was once safe Labour territory. Now it's fought over by three parties. In 2015 the Conservatives got 34% of the vote, Labour 33%, UKIP 23%. 
Well, in fact, the result for 2015 was:

Yes, UKIP got 32% of the vote in 2015, not 23% as Mark claimed.

I only spotted that because I had the Wikipedia page for Thurrock (UK Parliamentary constituency) open at the time and was looking at that very result just as Mark Mardell said what he said.



  1. Mardell is carelesss with the facts and careless with his own opinions.

  2. Curious how mistakes are always on the side of 'the house'.

  3. Was this broadcast before or after Mardell was bitching about Trump using 'fake news' to describe something he didn't like?


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