Friday 17 February 2017

Brazening it out

One has to admire the BBC’s brave attempt to brazen out its own humiliation by promoting it on their online news page and nonchalantly linking to it on Youtube.

(Or are they trying to trivialise the whole thing by publicising themselves being trounced, almost as if they’re trying to  disarm their critics by appearing charmingly self-deprecating?)


  1. The media have brought this on themselves. Rather than act as loyal watchdogs of the constitution, the media both here and in the UK has signed up to globlisation, unrestrained mass immigration, PC multiculturalism and no borders...all of which if pursued as diligently as they wish will wipe out anything you could reasonably call the USA or UK within a few decades. They are behaving more like a fifth column than a fourth estate.

    Trump's approach, though not to everyone's taste does have the benefit of taking the battle on to the media's ground. It presents them with a problem of how to respond. Do they respond sullenly, combatively and mockingly as CNN seem to have done? The BBC has done some of that, but has tried to throw in some British self-deprecation knowing that plays well with home audiences.

    But people are becoming increasingly media-savvy.

    BTW, I see Sopel is trying to amplify that Fake News headline on the BBC website suggesting that Trump was calling Sopel (as opposed to the BBC) "another beauty", when it was crystal clear he was referring to the BBC as an organisation, saying a few seconds they were like CNN.

    1. BBC are not big on accuracy these days.
      Constructing False-Narratives is their main biz.
      ...And stuff the charter.

  2. Sopel's mocking tweet reveals his bias. No doubt unaware tho cos all his BBC chums will be group-thinking how excellent it iss the the Beeb can mock the POTUS.


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