Wednesday 15 February 2017

Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum!!

It’s official!   

The BBC can confirm their earlier speculative proclamation that most Remain voters are young and university-educated, while Leave voters are elderly and ignorant and really shouldn’t have been given a vote. 

Are the elderly too stupid and selfish to care about their children’s and grandchildren’s future, or is ‘consideration for the next generation’ precisely why the old grannies people voted Brexit?  Hmm. Are the younger generation thinking long-term, or were they a little terrified by the Remain campaign’s dire predictions of short-term economic catastrophe? Who knows.

Given that schools and universities have been ideologically left-wing for long enough to inculcate most of our educated classes with left-wing politics and pro EU propaganda, these findings don't seem very surprising.  i(I’s rumoured that some of this attitudinal inclination has seeped through to BBC.)

Who’da thunk it? Doesn’t really matter though, now, does it? Brexit means Brexit (maybe)


  1. As "More Or Less" frequently tells us, 'Correlation is not causation'.

    The UK voted for Brexit. BBC, your boys took a helluva beating, get over it.

    The BBC would be better employed asking itself why it does not reflect the population that pays for it in appearance, sexuality, morality or poltical opinion.

    1. More or Less should know - since whenever it suits they imply a correlation is a causation.

  2. I don't think it's just me...I think for many who were made completely allergic to BBC bias by the Brexit campaign, the levels of bias have become absolutely ubiquitous and unbearable.

    The tosh being served up about Flynn is one example. Does anyone really believe no Obama official ever discussed foreign policy prior to his inaugaration? Really?

    If our useless reporters were dogs they could never bury a bone because the can only scratch the surface.

    You have to got to the alternative "fascist" media to get anything like the truth:

    I haven't heard anything about Clinton's retweet and comment on our big 3 news networks.

  3. If BBC Fake News Central had bothered to put their expensive educations to good use, they will realise that most people aged over 55 had very limited opportunities to go to university or any form of higher education. So these figures are really quite meaningless.

    Also I would suggest it's quite clear that anyone who has been through a PC mind-bender education is going to be quite reluctant to admit they voted for Brexit if they did do so. They will either lie or, more likely, refuse to take part in the survey.

  4. Sounds more like damning evidence that universities are indoctrinating rather than educating than anything negative about Brexit voters.

    But this does somewhat contradict Nick Robinson's narrative, which was repeated nearly verbatim by all BBC correspondents on the night of the vote: that Brexit voters are the angry "Left Behind".

  5. Again the BBC displaying it's dislike of democracy when the results aren't to it's liking.

    It's simply one person, one vote. Doesn't matter about age, education, etc..

    It's also a secret vote, and I think we see the BBC on it's way to undermining this principle too.

  6. It could equally be argued that young university-educated remain supporters, voted for selfish reasons i.e. student exchange programmes and opportunities to work abroad, rather than considering the broader ideological questions, or for that matter the future. To imply that older voters, despite having worthwhile jobs, raising families, and doing all the things that constitute living a productive life haven’t acquired wisdom is patronising in a way that only the BBC can be patronising. They can put whatever spin they like on this, but the true nature of the vote was much more complex than the message the BBC has been pedalling since the 23rd of June.

  7. I meant programs. Clearly I haven't acquired wisdom.


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