Saturday 25 February 2017

Lead story

As Ozfan noted on an earlier thread (concerning Radio 4's news bulletins this morning), it's striking that the BBC News website is now leading with:

I've noticed before (as, no doubt, have many of you) that David Miliband's statements on any subject of political importance tend get a very high billing in the BBC's reporting (or on Newsnight), despite him having been out of UK politics from over six years and leading a humanitarian organisation rather than a political organisation. 

He's long been like 'the king over the water' for people of a certain outlook (including, perhaps, some at the BBC). 

It's a safe bet to say that the Corbynistas on Twitter won't be happy.

Update 14:20 Intriguingly, poor David Miliband is no longer the BBC's lead story and has vanished from their website's home page. He's been replaced by that nice Tom Watson:


  1. If he'd come back to 'save' the BBC... sorry... the country from Ed with careful timing, he'd have been a shoo in.

    Now, not so sure, as the Jez years have created a party only Stoke could love.

  2. Top stories don't stay up for that long unless it's anti-Trump or something else really important to the BBC. The question is, has the Miliband story vanished entirely after complaints?

    It's just 'balance'. They replaced a story about Labour being in trouble in connection to Corbyn with another one supporting him.


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