Saturday 18 February 2017

In unison

Dateline London may have had a broader spread of guests today (with a right-winger on the panel in the form of Janet Daley) but the unison chorus of disapproval for Donald Trump and all his works seemed fiercer than ever. 

Surely it's now time (as I may have said before) to find some new guests for the programme (even if just a couple) who actually support Donald Trump. 

This programme goes out to the world and is one of the BBC's flagships (even if few people in the UK might watch it), so it surely needs to take its 'BBC impartiality' responsibilities more seriously?


Gavin Esler wasn't silent, of course. He contributed such thoughts as this (re Trump's supporters):
It's interesting that that same audience is very attached to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which is guns, and not very attached, it would appear, to the First Amendment, which is the right to freedom of speech and for people in the media to comment on the executive branch.

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  1. Against the First Amendment? Lol from organisations that unofficially seem to encourage no platforming and discussion of only PC views that's a bit rich.


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