Friday, 6 May 2016

Ken's way

Ken Livingstone is on BBC Politics again defending the historical accuracy of his comments about Hitler. He says “any Jew will tell you that I’m right” and “It’s a pity that MPs don’t know their history”.

It’s interesting to watch the video of Ken on an Arabic TV station that’s been doing the rounds recently, in which he sets out his position on western interference in the Middle East. 

It does give one an insight into his thinking, but his theories about our disastrous interventions in Iraq and Libya and the creation of Israel feature one glaring omission. 
He seems to have no interest or awareness of Islam.

You can easily look up some of his appearances on Press TV online.

This is true, deeply ingrained, antisemitism. It’s not about big noses. It’s a complete lack of empathy and a particular type of suspiciousness, which dehumanizes Jews and regards them as  ‘other’. It explains Jeremy Corbyn too.  It shows where they are both  “coming from”.
It certainly is a shame that so few people know history, especially those in the upper echelons of the BBC. (And those lower down the rankings)

The interviews are, again, slightly missing the point. Jo Coburn and Huw Edwards are out of their depth, so all they can chase from Ken is an admission of regret or an apology. 
An apology they’re not going to get. “I was stating the truth, and some of my best AsaJew friends will back me up” 

As for regrets, I have a few,

But then again, 
too few to mention
I did what I had to do

And saw it through without exemption


  1. Beeboids are too intellectually incompetent to deal with this. All they need to do is ask Ken what the consequences are of this 'fact', and it will expose the whole vile belief behind his statements. But they can't.

  2. From one ex Mayor of London, to the new Mayor - Sadiq Khan.

    One of the worst features of the election of Khan (who, let us never forget, campaigned strongly for the release of an Islamic terror suspect who subsequently pleaded guilty to terror-supporting offences) is that
    we see the pro-Sharia agenda being advanced through appeals to diversity, equality and the need to fight Islamophobia.

    On Radio 4 TWT, the process is already in full swing. THere was a completely sympathetic and unchallenging interview with Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid who - what a surprise - writes frequently for the Guardian.

    It was a typical taqiyya performance, setting up the straw man argument that we need to counter the ignorant claim that Islam is a monolith. Who makes these ignorant claims? No serious commentator I can think of. We all know that Islam is riven by divisions between Sunni and Shia, between the puritanical sects like Wahaabi and some less ideologically purist traditions. We know in some parts of the Islamic world women must cover their faces, in others that rule does not apply. We know that individual Muslims may be found at any place on the belief spectrum from fanatical in following their beliefs (to the point of offering up their lives gladly for the cause) to those who believe not a word in the Koran, and simply follow the religion's outward forms for social reasons.

    Yes, we know all that but it doesn't alter the fact that Islam as taught by clerics is remarkably consistent. All clerics agree all Muslims should follow Sharia law and there is a large measure of agreement about what constitutes Sharia law.

    In this Guardian article

    Hamid whinges about the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque and to minarets in Switzerland. But you won't find any reference to the difficulties faced by Christians in ALL Muslim majority countries regarding building or repairing Churches. They everywhere faced legal oppression or violent intimidation. Nowhere can they proselytise freely.

    Expect more and more of this BS about the non-monolithic religion of peace following on Khan's election. We can expect Khan to use the Islamophobic card as he did during the campaign.