Sunday 8 May 2016

The same coin

This morning's Sunday ended with a discussion about Islam in Britain, following criticism of a Muslim association in Blackburn by Justine Greening for saying that women should not travel over 48 miles without a male guardian.

Sunday invited on two of its Muslim regulars, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain and Lancaster University's Dr Shuruq Naguib. Both of them prevaricated over whether the call should be condemned and refused to condemn it, despite some pushing from Ed Stourton for them to clarify their positions. The professor was much more willing though to condemn Miss Greening, instantly describing her comments as "problematic". Ibrahim Mogra hinted at 'Islamophobia'  as a possible justification for such Islamic guidance, what with Muslim women facing attacks on public transport (at which point he alluded to his favourite story about an attack on the Tube - an attack, he always forgets to mention, that was carried out by a homeless Asian immigrant). The professor also explicitly mentioned 'Islamophobia' in her reaction to Sadiq's triumph in London. Both were delighted at Sadiq's success.

I'd have preferred to have heard a much wider range of views.

Update: Come to think of it, this is a very good point:


  1. No chance of a wider range of views...indeed.

    Will you be commenting on TWTW? I heard over half of it. It appeared to consist of a deferential interview with Alan Johnson by Mardell, which allowed for a lot of sniping at UKIP and subliminal connection of UKIP=Leave and vice versa. There was also a bit of that Kuessenberg plaint about the Leave campaign having more passion - it wasn't said in admiration, rather in regret.

    As if not enough the programme then prominently featured the spymaster's fib about UK safety being compromised following Brexit.

    There followed eventually a phone interview with Howard on a crackly line (amazing how the BBC with all its millions can't establish clear connections to Leave proponents). Classic example of allowing Remainers via studio interviews (sometimes it's academic credentials).

    At the end of the programme the "take home" point was that authoritative spymasters - John Saws and someone else I think - had stated categorically that UK's safety would be compromised following Brexit. No mention of Michael Howard reasoned riposte.

    1. Yes I've going to write something about it - especially the report from Thurrock which had some of the usual sly Mark Mardell touches.

  2. Having listened to the interview, I must say it was a fine example of "Confuse a Kaffir" point-avoidance. of course we know all about clerics' use of taqiyya. But more worrying I thought was Dr Naguib. She said she personally travelled wherever she wanted. She saw the "advice" was at odds with modern society. And yet she would not condemn either the ruling or the Sharia process that leads to such rulings. And that for me is also the "Khan Concern". However, modern he may himself be personally - approving of gay marriage and so on - if he isn't prepared to condemn Sharia or take action to prevent the advance of Sharia in the UK (but instead makes it advance easier by clouding the issues) then his election as Mayor will have been a retrograde step.

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  4. Think the ruling re 48 miles is dependent on whether you go by camel, need to wade through lots of sand or are needed to attend a stoning-or indeed BE the stonee!
    Basically, if it doesn`t trouble Gaia or cause the earth to cough with your fumes, Id say 48 miles is "appropriate" for Muslimas on the march....well hobbling around in the baking heat under layers of black cotton and ski masks anyway.
    The EU will of course be outraged at all this-it needs to be 77 KILOMETRES....are those Blackburn mullahs BARBARIANS in using tenth century "imperial measurements", as opposed to the Cologne units as agreed New Years Eve 2016?

  5. The professor also explicitly mentioned 'Islamophobia' in her reaction to Sadiq's triumph in London. Both were delighted at Sadiq's success.

    But if you say they are because Muslims look out for their own, you're a racist like those two pepper pots on a bench. They must have been delighted because they, too, are sons of bus drivers.


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