Thursday, 9 February 2017

"Language matters"

Nick Robinson isn't happy. (I imagine the tweet being sent with a loud tut):

As several people are reminding him on Twitter though, Jeremy Corbyn only make the 'fake news' point after a BBC interviewer posed a question to him framed in terms of 'fake news'. So perhaps he should be also be addressing his BBC colleague?
Charlie Stayt: Your own personal circumstances...I'm aware of the issue of fake news at the moment.
Jeremy Corbyn: There is a lot of it about!
Charlie Stayt: Well, there's a story going about that you have set a date for when you are going to quit as Labour leader.
Jeremy Corbyn: That's in the ''.
Charlie Stayt: So absolutely no truth in that?
Jeremy Corbyn: Absolute nonsense.
Charlie Stayt: So your future as Labour leader is absolutely intact? You've not considered for a moment whether you as leader are damaging the party's chances...
Jeremy Corbyn: Look, I'm really surprised the BBC is reporting fake news. There is no news!
Charlie Stayt: Well, I'm...what I'd like...(indecipherable) give you the opportunity to say...(indecipherable)...
Jeremy Corbyn: I was elected leader of the party, I am proud to lead the party...


  1. Nick is not a lot of things.

    Don't be like Nick.

  2. Why shouldn't they impersonate Trump if they want to, Nick? Is it against the law?

  3. It's effective, and he knows it. The cold retort, they do not like it up 'em.