Saturday 25 April 2015

An inter-Cameron clan feud?

I must just add something about the tailpiece to today's Today on Radio 4 - an election discussion between (a) side-splitting left-wing comedienne Rhona Cameron, a lifelong Labour voter who's still voting Labour this time despite really, really, really liking Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP (because she lives in London and can't vote SNP); (b) Martin Rowson, the self-declared 'far-left' Labour-defending, Tory-bashing Guardian cartoonist; and, 'for balance', (c) right-wing U.S. humourist P.J. O'Rourke ("the rightwinger it's OK for lefties to like," according to the Guardian). 

Now, I like P.J. too (we've got several of his books on our book-shelves), but he admitted on the programme that he's "not got a dog in this fight" whilst cheerfully mocking UKIP for being like embarrassing elderly relatives (comparing them to the U.S. Tea Party) and those posh Tories for having servants.

He quipped charmingly throughout, but he's an odd choice to be one of Today's regular election pundits, isn't he?

The other two most definitely did have a dog in the fight though. They really, really, really don't like the Tories. No, really, they really don't like the Tories. 

Rhona even described Tories as "cockroaches"...

...sorry, I'm confusing her with Hatey, she merely called them "a cancer". 

And everyone, including Sarah Montague, laughed. 

Funny old world, isn't it?

Update (26/4): The Sunday Express isn't impressed:
Watchdog must get to grips with BBC bias
THE BBC’s election coverage is fast becoming as farcical as W1A.
For in what other world would a political panel comprising a Scottish socialist, Ken Livingstone’s favourite cartoonist and a “libertarian” American satirist be considered balanced? The Right-wing parties must think that with arbiters like Auntie, who needs enemies? 
If David Cameron isn’t being falsely labelled a fox-hunter by Andrew Marr, you can always rely on Newsnight presenter Evan Davis to play the race card with Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband blames the Prime Minister for being directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of migrants and gets away with it. 
If the Corporation honestly believes anyone who opposes uncontrolled immigration hates foreigners then it must be being funded by a nation of racists. The trouble is that the Beeb continues to exist in a bubble, seemingly oblivious to the Britain beyond Broadcasting House and its swanky HQ in Salford. Enough is enough. 
It is clear that the Corporation can no longer be trusted to investigate itself over impartiality. Whatever the outcome of the election, licence fee payers deserve an independent inquiry into the Corporation’s bias. If Ofcom can scrutinise the rest of the media, why not the state broadcaster?


  1. Cameron did say one thing though-that she`ll get no death threats from Tories.
    How true-and she knows that any such threats will all come from the SNP/SWP types.
    The same lowlife that mocked the Thatcher family when their mum/granny dies...that uses Millie Dowler/dead refugees and asylum seekers purely for political purposes...yes folks, and won`t allow Farage to walk a street in Edinburgh or go for a family meal in his home town.
    Yes-these are the kind that issue death threats to their apostates-especially when they`re unfunny like Cameron or Brand(J).
    Ditto-no death threats from Christians either...only Muslims.

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    1. Drat, sorry Chris, I was just attempting to remove the duplicate comment (doubtless due to our dodgy comments system) and this happened.

  3. 'And everyone, including Sarah Montague, laughed'

    It's like only RTing rabid tweets from one perspective is not an endorsement.


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