Monday 6 April 2015

More Twitter-related Shenanigans

Talking about Louise Mensch and her encounters with BBC reporters...

Here's another exchange you may have missed:
Something like this always seems to happen during elections. BBC reporters just can't stop themselves.

As well as deleting his tweet attacking Louise Mensch and 'The Sun', Gareth Jones has also changed his Twitter handle from @BBCgarethjones to @Gareth___Jones (though his masthead still shows BBC Broadcasting House).

If you were wondering, Gareth is a Radio 5 Live News & Sport Producer.

Oddly, his feed also includes this from a few day's ago, tweeted during the ITV leaders' debate:
I guess he's talking about Leanne Woods of Plaid Cymru there; however, @simbrowning has deleted the tweet Gareth was replying to.

Someone else agreed with @simbrowning though (whatever it was he said):
And who's @simbrowning when he's (at home) at work? He's Simon Browning, BBC Breakfast General Election 2015 Producer

Did he also tweet something not entirely impartial and then delete the evidence? 


  1. I tend to be a wee bit cautious with Louise Mensch, as she has always rather shot from the hip, and more so since unconstrained by party concerns and geography.

    However, the plain facts she has focussed on seem not in doubt, and surely the core issue here, as a bunch of BBC girlie BFF's circle wagons and console each other with how beastly those outside the bubble are when they are only doing what they know to be right.

    Just like the other chap getting on a very high horse when actually dealing in 'sources' that could be anyone, based on the BBC's now tattered reputation for anything, the panicking erasure of lots and lots being said that's stupid on an internet that preserves forever is reaching epidemic levels.

    Surely time for a Lord Hall or James Harding to wheel out one of their people to pronounce their DNA-embedded impartiality is shouldered at the door as their personal politics are left on the stoop.

    However the transparency of obliterating evidence is quite unique.

    Lucky they don't take questions.

  2. Classic. Sometimes I think about setting up a crowdfunding thing to fund research for a book compiling all this evidence. Can't be a United Statesian behind it, though.


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