Tuesday 21 April 2015

Norman's Notes

[Warning: This post may contain sarcasm.]

Here's BBC News Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith giving his usual, 100% impartial take on Nigel Farage's plans to cut the BBC back to the bone...


  1. Given Guido's sharing the BBC web page near exclusive Labour obsession today, that panel headline along the bottom couldn't have been better in complement.

    Back to our Norm, the BBC does love giving quaint new names to what used to, and should still be, objective reporting.

    'Trending', 'Magazine'... you name it, there's a way to not deal in facts and simply hand a mic and an HD camera to anyone who wants to spout wot they fink. It's just opinion, gussied up as something credible when it really isn't.

    Colour me even less impressed.

    1. Well said.

    2. Norm's spots are becoming very opinionated indeed. Not that that's exactly new with him, just that with his 'Norman's Notes' and 'Norman's Wisdom' election features his new-found 'celebrity status' seems to be going to his head.

  2. Appalling reporting! If that's the "norm" then there is no help...


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