Saturday 11 April 2015

"Drunken night of temptation"

Not BBC-bias-related in any way - and at the risk of sounding like a BBC reporter on Twitter or a BBC comedian - but...


I've been wanting to post something about their splash headline for most of the day but only just remembered now that our blog's official title ends with the words "...and any other matters that take our fancy", and this takes my fancy, so...

Caught on camera: Married Lib Dem 'feminist' who is running for Parliament is filmed with stripper in drunken night of temptation
You've got to admire the sheer lip-smacking hypocrisy, and archaic wording, of "Drunken night of temptation" - especially given the the paper's use of photos of said Lib Dem candidate and said stripper.

The comments at the Mail aren't going the Lib Dem candidate's way. He's being slagged off something rotten.

Still, I can't see any death threats among the Mail's comments. He's had plenty of them too over the past year or so from Muslim fanatics, plus hordes of vile abuse (something the Mail omits to mention). 

That Lib Dem candidate is Maajid Nawaz. You may have seen him on the BBC, being shouted at by Mohammed Shafiq or Mo Ansar.

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