Wednesday 8 April 2015

"Two young people now far from home"

Further to the last post...

Last night's BBC One News at Ten did provide some of the background material found in The Times - noting that one of the young jihadis is the grandson of "a well-known and respected cleric" and that that his brother had been convicted of a terrorism charge in 2006, aged 15, having downloaded instruction on how to make napalm.

The report went no further than that though, and the chosen angle (it probably won't surprise you to hear) concerned the plight of the "young people" and the suffering of their families. 

This is how the introduction to the report and then the report proper began:
Sophie Raworth: The families of two 17-year-old boys, thought to have travelled to Syria, say they are in a state of profound shock. 
Robert Hall: Afternoon prayers in the suburbs of Dewsbury. Talk again here centred on worried families and two young people now far from home.
The 'vox pops' from 'the local community' were equally predictable:
Man 1: To leave the country, leave the parent. Now this is totally wrong.
Woman: They are preying on young, innocent minds and grooming them.
Man 2: I think it's wrong. I think it's people brainwashing people to go.
Man 3: A lot of young Muslims don't feel part of  this society. They feel that they don't fit in. So I feel we need to do a lot more to integrate them into our society.
This pattern of BBC reporting is becoming wearyingly familiar.

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  1. Yep. It's Bogus Broadcasting. Trying to make out people are something they are not.

    Why not ask those Vox Pops which parts of the implementation of Sharia law in accordance with the times of the Prophet they oppose. You'd get a very different picture there.

    But the BBC's mission, like that of the Government's is to promote, protect and - if necessary - invent "social cohesion".

    So we get the blather about these "young people", "boys" and "girls" as though they are just from normal families that don't subscribe to a totalitarian ideology that would see our democracy swept away.


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