Thursday 23 April 2015

"Some of the day's other news"

And talking about downplaying...

One of the two major BBC news bulletins (the ones people watch), BBC One's News at Six, failed to mention the Lutfur Rahman/Tower Hamlets story in its introductory headlines (of which there were five).

A prominent, highly controversial elected mayor is convicted of corruption and booted out of office by a judge and yet the BBC's main evening news bulletin doesn't reckon that the story merits being included in its main headlines? 

As they say on the internet, "WTF?"

And it only got worse.

This is not a joke: BBC One's News at Six really did include the Lutfur Rahman story in its 'Some of the day's other news' spot, beginning less than 8 minutes before the end of its near-half-hour-long news bulletin. And the story didn't even begin its 'in other news' spot.

And how much coverage did BBC News at Six eventually give to the conviction and deposing of the notorious Tower Hamlets (ex) mayor? 

Again, this really isn't a joke: The BBC gave just 17 seconds to it, and it gave Lutfur Rahman - and his 'shock' at the ruling - the last word.

If anyone can plausibly defend the BBC here, please do. I would absolutely love to hear such a defence because, for the life of me, I really cannot even begin to think of one.


  1. The Sykes Principle in effect.

  2. I am conjuring acronyms for labels on my forthcoming complaints blog.

    One I think that with be used a lot is EBO - 'Editorial By Omission', one of the BBC's most pernicious techniques.

    Not mentioning, or tucking it away in the boonies, for seconds, is really no joke, but clearly done to offer the 'it was featured elsewhere' rejection paragraph in any complaints blow off.


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