Monday 20 April 2015

Girls aloud

Let’s do a post on Muslim Women.

Broadcaster of the Year!

Our very own Pakistani Muslim presenter Mishal  Husain has won the prestigious Broadcaster of the Year award.


A career opportunity has opened up for Muslim women at the Temple Mount.   Responsibilities include harassing Jews. Their special duty is to form a “human chain” with other veil-covered Muslim women, ululating, cursing, and spitting. 


Upcoming young female talent.  “The Voice”
H/T Daphne Anson. 

Entrepreneurship in Gaza. Enterprising Muslim lady named Sofiya Mosalam has created an online start-up named “Boom Baby Boom”. This imaginative title opens up a vista of possibilities.

(I'd never heard of BBC Capital before, but I hope the ventures featured are successful.)


Sky News is featuring two courageous females today. 
“You might think these are two ordinary women” gushes the presenter, to footage of two figures strolling through a Turkish street. They appear to be dressed up as elephants, (which placed that introduction distinctly at odds with reality) as they were dressed  in top-to-toe black material, draped to suggest flapping ears and a trunk. The full face-covering abaya.

A hilarious moment occurred when one of these creatures brought out an iPad to display a photograph of her former self. I think the intention was to to prove she had really been in IS. The photograph was of an unidentifiable  black-clad creature peering out from a small slit. It must have been her. (?) 

The pair had defected from Islamic State, possibly, suggested the Sky anchor and the presenter, having become disillusioned with their lot, since their husbands had been martyred and I imagine they had little to do, other than lashing disobedient sisters. (As members of the elite I.S. women’s police force heir duties included lashing other women for disobeying the I.S. code, such as the elephant costume, as dictated by their masters.)

The young female Sky anchor tried to pose a penetrating question to the presenter. “But they still espouse the I.S. ideologi... ideological ideology?”
Indeed. Which “you might think” would put a damper on the overly sympathetic tone of the piece, but apparently not.


  1. "Mishal specialises in frosty interviews with Israelis and members of Ukip"

    The BBC, R4 and Today were rather pleased with the accolade and it was splashed a fair bit across various twitter and FaceBook accounts.

    I rather saw it as my mission to append her now rather infamous moral equivalence interview, where she did not beat around the bush in claiming the death count of Israeli civilians was not at a level she found acceptable.

    Re-viewing it I was reminded just how inept and grotesque her grasp of facts, reality and basic interviewing skills were.

    As I think were most who clicked to link, as I added little else. It wasn't just her words, but the glares and venom that accompanied them.

    On a Today FaceBook post I was one of the earlier ones at around 12th, and there were almost no posts subsequently.

    I really hope it spoiled the moment because her professional competencies and integrity was laid bare for me at that moment, and she has been tainted goods ever since.

    1. Mishal deserves a prize for selectivity. You will never hear a bad word about Pakistan from her. Pakistan - a seething hotbed of ethnic, religious and racial hatred, the country that harboured Osama bin Laden and supports the Taliban, a place where Jews are non-existent and Christians and Hindus are treated as slaves, where apostates are murdered and where anyone who queries the literal truth of Islam is visited with death or violence.

  2. I'm new to this site (and blogs in general) please would you give the link to the 'moral equivalence' interview?

    1. Don't know how to 'hyper' it, but here's a link to a site that carried the video archive:

      Some valuable analysis in commentary too.

      'The numbers do matter..' she persists, and digs a very deep hole thereafter, giving the answer she and the BBC want to bring to audiences around the world whilst patently trying to drive this supposed interview to suit her own narrative.

      'Hamas was stopping worse happening'. Apparently.

      She was shrill and downright irrational throughout.


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