Friday 16 September 2016

Another QT to remember

Yesterday’s Question Time was quite extraordinary. Recently the airwaves have been buzzing with chatter about the BBC’s outrageous anti-Brexit campaigning. The BBC must be aware of the buzz on the street, but they still put out an edition of QT with a panel of four pro-remain political figures and one (non-MP) pro-leave parliamentary sketch writer. 

The message is defiant: not only are we going to ignore our charter obligations with regard to impartiality over the referendum, we’re actually going to ratchet up our anti-Brexit campaign.

David Dimbleby seems to have given up. He quickly realised that he’d better just sit back and let them get on with it. 

Anna Soubry caused Twitter outrage by saying John McDonnell was a nasty piece of work, and someone tweeted that Dimbleby’s non-response to that remark evidenced the BBC’s right-wing political bias lol. 
Looking at Twitter, as one must these days, one might be confused by the Q.T. related Twitter accounts. 
It seems that QT’s official promotional Twitter is mostly excerpts from the programme and so on, whereas  the other one is the audience’s bear-pit, full of angry Corbynistas complaining that the BBC is not lefty enough. 
However, it has also discovered the video of John McDonnell “Welcoming the financial crash as an opportunity” which Harry’s Place posted yesterday, and
which has also appeared in the Mirror. 

Alistair Campbell exudes 'dismal'. Watching him makes one feel dismal. Has anyone else counted the number of times he says “I think”? He starts with “I think” and peppers the beginning, middle and end of every sentence with it, as though he finds his own thoughts as unconvincing as we do.

The vitriol between the panellists was about to bubble over any minute. John McDonnell has been found out. It’s well known that he’s nothing but an unreconstructed communist with an anti-capitalist agenda and that he’s the one pulling the strings. Jeremy Corbyn, whose incompetence, dishonesty and dullness of intellect is revealing itself more and more each day, as is his antisemitism. Despite all this, and despite the Labour Party being in disarray and near collapse, the politically illiterate and the bitter, resentful hard left are determined to avoid seeing what’s in front of their faces; their determination is alarming to witness. 

The young lady in the audience, a starstruck Corbynista, seemed sincere when she said that what she liked best about Jeremy Corbyn is that he’s honest and truthful. Her painstakingly  ‘groomed’ appearance somehow accentuated her stupidity.

Quentin Letts was right when he said that the pretty teenager who would have voted ‘Leave’ should have been on the panel.  As it is, it’s a wonder she was even able to smuggle  herself into the audience.


  1. Did the beeb really need to take a question on Brexit last night given the make-up of the panel. I'm sure there must have been questions about Syria, Hinkley Point, Paralympics, BBC salaries etc. etc. that could have been used instead.

    Please, please, please can the BBC stop wheeling out Alastair Campbell. He is so annoying and predictable. "I never did anything wrong everyone else is to blame".

    What I found amusing was that Alastair Campbell was bemoaning the fact that Jeremy Corbyn doesn't want to win elections and how terrible the Labour Party is at the moment but didn't mention that there is a leadership election under way and lend his support to Owen Smith. "New" Labour have got to understand that Ed Miliband stitched them up right royally by changing the rules for party leadership and there is now nothing they can do to change the direction of the party in the short term.

  2. Yes, the bias on that panel was quite something: 4/5 against Brexit. 4/5 against grammar schools. And Quentin Letts (of all people) as the 'balancing' 1/5.

    I laughed at Alastair Campbell complaining about "nastiness inside the Labour Party". Alastair 'Malcolm Tucker' Campbell complaining about Labour Party nastiness! Who needs satirists?

    Quentin Letts didn't seem to connect with the audience much. They weren't for clapping him at all. Or for laughing at his jokes. His insulting names for senior EU leaders past and present went down like a lead balloon.


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