Sunday 25 September 2016

Labour today

Not BBC-bias-related but still extraordinary (and well-sourced):


  1. It's funny. In the months running up to the EU Referendum vote, with the 'refugee' crisis on everyone's minds, the BBC had a parade of people who kept telling us that it was Weimar, 1930s Germany, all over again. Turns out they were right, although I bet not in the way they intended.

  2. Again this evening, Monday 26th September, on the PM programme and indeed for most of today on both Radio 4 and Radio 5Live, virtually wall to wall non-critical coverage of the Labour Party Confernce. It will be interesting to see if the BBc give the same sort of coverage to the far more important, Conservative Party Confrence next week.They are, after all, the party of government and likely to be the next one for the foreseeable future.

    Christopher Scopes

    1. Oh don't worry there'll be wall-to-wall coverage to find anti-Grammar school, pro-immigration or "far right" angles and, of course, that old favourite "Torysplitsovereurope"

  3. I only caught the end of Daily Politics, but I’m assuming Andrew Neil brought some of these points to the attention of the BBC audience. I rather doubt it. At least in his interview with Catherine West he did push her into revealing exactly how Labour would drag the country into the same mess that Greece is in, should they ever get elected. She seemed blissfully unaware throughout.


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