Saturday 24 September 2016

More on Brexit Street

Still catching up....

Here's something I partly 'grabbed' while on holiday (whilst obviously not being on holiday enough!).

It relates to Emma Jane Kirby's Brexit Street feature on Radio 4's PM - and adds to our previous posts about it.

Please have a read of David Keighley's transcription of the 5 September episode of Brexit Street and witness again everything we've talked about before being played out yet again. 

The episode brought the following delightful reactions on Twitter (quoted verbatim):

Listening to #bbcpm 'Brexit Street" and feeing so disheartened by xenophobic rhetoric and more meaningless statements re 'Great' Britain.

#BBCr4today #BBCPM Did you listen to #Brexit st, my god, how thick, he worked in Holland ffs, no free movement no job in Holland

Most ignorant #brexit voxpop ever on #bbcpm just now - from Thornaby-on-Tees. I shudder. #brexitstreet

The more I hear the"thoughts"of #bbcpm #Brexit street residents the more I despise Cameron for mishandling #EUref & Johnson Gove Farage etc

#bbcpm -still undermining UK by seeking out clueless wallies supporting #Brexit - #deceitful #patronising #exploitative #shameful.

@BBCPM Shocking ignorance re: migrants/Brexit on PM just now. Disconnect of politicians and voters so clear 

Just listening to report on @BBCPM from "#Brexit Street" in Stockton. Alarming misunderstanding of #EURef facts. #bbcpm

@BBCPM see the BBC is getting out the anti-Brexit propaganda again. Creating a caricature of Brexiteers as people who lack insight. #Biased

Are these #bbcpm Brexit vox pops just designed to piss people off? Cos if so, they're working pretty well

#Bbcpm dispatches from #brexit street are bloody funny it's like someone put alot of tabloids in a blender.

The voice of Brexit on #bbcpm. Awesome

I assure you I won't be seeking out Brexit St. It's too depressing.
#bbcpm @bbcpm

Epic example on @bbcpm about how people who voted #brexit knowing nothing about impact of it. Think asylum seekers "steal" jobs. FFS.

Conversation on @BBCPM: we should leave Europe now. 'Who do you usually vote for?' Nobody. I live in Malta. 

A thicko from Tyneside @BBCPM lives in Malta 9 months of the year but calls himself an 'expat' He voted Brexit to get 'immigrants' out of UK

When I think #voteleave #brexit types are simple, it's because of the people live on air now! @BBCRadio4 @BBCPM

If you are a #brexit voter, listen to your fellow travellers now on #bbcpm and weep

#bbcpm Hear the luvvies educating the Brexit voters who all drink mild in whippet strewn public bars why they should have voted remain.

The BBC gets so much flak for its supposed 'left wing bias' yet they've put so many xenophobic #Brexit morons on lately #BBCPM #BrexitStreet

I'm really getting sick of hearing interviews with ignorant racists on @bbcpm & @bbcnews where their bigotry is not shutdown

That's quite a range of responses but all of them back up the obvious point about this deeply objectionable series: that it portrays the 'typical' Leave voter (who's no such thing, given that this is a highly unrepresentative street) as a 'stupid racist' and allows the nastier Remain-supporting elements to have a field day at Leave voters' expense.

Does Emma Jane ever worry about how her carefully-selected Brexit Street Leave voters are being so regularly and roundly mocked and insulted on Twitter? 

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