Monday 19 September 2016

On John McDonnell

Habibi's piece at Harry's Place on John McDonnell's less-than-cuddly past is really quite something. 

I'd urge you to read it. It gathers a lot together. It's eye-opening - and eye-watering. 

And, despite the fury it might arouse among the ever-tweeting, ever-protesting Corbynistas, it's high time he was seriously and relentlessly called on such things by the BBC. 

It wouldn't be biased to bring such things up. Challenging him on his past record (and his recent past at that) should be what a democracy-backing BBC should pride itself on doing, without fear, and despite Twitter.

This man is far worse than all those UKIP councillors and MEPs who the BBC happily went after put together. Far, far worse (despite all the cardigans, and the grey hair, and the pleasant manner he puts on (usually) when on TV).

That's my serious rant for the year. 

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