Saturday 24 September 2016

The Gawd'elpusfather

Don Corbeone 

On the subject of the all-conquering Mr Corbyn...

This week's Newswatch followed last week's Feedback in giving voice to Corbynista complaints of anti-Corbyn bias, and even Norman Smith (the BBC reporter formerly known as 'Anti-Tory Norm') got it in his hyperbolic neck for bringing up Jez's disgruntled ex once too often.

I have to say that the chosen Corbynista, Kevin Foley, made his points reasonably and came across well. I could see some though not all of his points.

Unlike last week's Feedback, however, no BBC editor was willing to appear on Newswatch

Last week's Feedback, as loyal readers will know, featured that astonishing interview with senior BBC editor Katy Searle - the one where she immediately conceded most of the Corbynistas' charges of BBC bias and kept on apologising to them. 

This week's Feedback featured various listeners gasping in astonishment (as I did last week) that a BBC editor had behaved in such a totally un-BBC-like fashion - though Roger Bolton's selection did end with one Corbynista saying that Ms Searle had only conceded minor points and not grovelled anywhere near enough (the kind of 'nothing is ever enough' reaction that anyone who follows accusations of BBC bias will be well acquainted with, whichever side those accusations come from). 

I was already primed for such comments after watching last night's Newsnight where Nick Watt's report on the Labour leadership contest struck me, before I even went onto Twitter afterwards, as being guaranteed to attract Corbynista fury. 

I'd guessed that the image of Jeremy Corbyn as The Godfather (see top of post) wouldn't go down very well with them, and it didn't.

And I'd also guessed that the total imbalance of voices in Nick's report - Stephen Kinnock, Lisa Nandy, Chuka Umunna, Peter Hain, Chris Mullin, even Oliver Letwin, for the anti-Corbyn side and just Baroness Chakrabarti of Kennington in the London Borough of Lambeth for the pro-Corbyn side - wouldn't go down well with them either, and it also didn't. 

Indeed some of them did a 'me' and started vaguely counting the amount of time each side got. They were just guessing though. The actual stats are 54s (18.7% of airtime) for the pro-Corbyn side (namely Shami) versus 3m 55s (81.3% of airtime) for the anti-Corbyn side (all the rest).

It's not hard to see their point at times.

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