Sunday 25 September 2016

More speculation

It will probably come to the stage soon when hardly anyone trusts official statements or media reports in the immediate wake of incidents which initially look (to the viewing public) like terrorist attacks. 

The "Hispanic" suspect in the Burlington mall attack, for example, turns out not to be "Hispanic" after all. 

I saw comments all over social media yesterday disbelieving that official police claim and all the mainstream media reporting of the story, and asserting instead that the man "looked Muslim" and would turn out to be a Muslim. Well, the man's name is Arcan Cetin and he's reported as being a legal immigrant, originally from Adana in southern Turkey. The police are still saying his motive is unclear. 

The BBC has reported this update but, unlike some other news accounts, doesn't register the point that the earlier widely-reported police claim that the suspect was "Hispanic" was wrong.


  1. As far as my friends & I are concerned, it already has come to the 'automatic disbelief' stage. While it is obvious that the BBC will always be grinding its pro-islamist axe, I am at a loss to understand why police forces all over the world should also be in denial. Is it that they are reluctant to admit terrorism exists on their 'turf', or are they afraid of copy-cat attacks?

  2. For me now, it's not just the terrorist incidents, it's virtually anything the BBC tells me, I distrust, whether it's something on the Food Programme (what a surprise - all about Syrian refugees today), history, climatology, or the Great British Bake-Off. Of course, law of averages must mean they are telling me the truth some of the time, but I really do doubt them all the time. Hasn't quite got to the point of not believing their time signals, but it's close. :)

    1. Sharp intake of breath....
      Don't trust the time signals (Pips)! If you are listening on DAB, there is always a variable processing delay, making the Pips sequence out of kilter with the actual time. The long Pip at the end, which is meant to give you the exact time to the nearest fraction of a second second, is quite useless unless you are listening to LW, AM or FM radio.

  3. Also;
    contrast reporting and police comments on;

    Murder of Polish man in Harlow, hate crime angle features large, despite no evidence it was.

    The Czech man murdered outside chicken shop in East London. Police have 'open mind'.
    Teens arrested in 'hate crime' murder
    detectives made a fresh appeal for witnesses to come forward and said they are keeping a “open mind” about the motive

  4. The BBC has two narratives to push with any US gun crime story: "It's Nowt To Do With Islam" and "American Gun Culture Is Madness". Push the narrative first, ask questions later. Mark Mardell admitted the part about the desire to push the gun culture angle once, back when a mentally man (I think he was) took a shotgun and went on a shooting spree at a naval base. As soon as they found out the murderer was mentally ill, had just the shotgun and no 'assault rifles' bought at a swap meet were involved, they got bored very quickly and didn't investigate further.

    PS: Marr told a Soft Brexit Vs. Hard Brexit lie this morning about one side wanting "a complete block on immigration", full stop, and Isabel Hardman nodded in agreement. Other than that, it was more appeasement of Corbynistas to mitigate all the complaints they've obviously been getting.

  5. PS: Andrew Marr is either intellectually or ideologically incapable of having a reasonable discussion about the economic crash and the concept of borrowing and spending. He let Corbyn get away with a false premise about what did and didn't cause the British economic problems. He even appeared to agree with him, and his only challenge was that a lot of the seem convinced it was reckless borrowing and spending, so it doesn't matter what the truth (Corbyn's version) is.

    If the Corbyn interview doesn't silence all criticism for a while, they're just complaining because Marr wasn't openly worshiping him.


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