Monday 19 September 2016

Free postcards from Anglesey

Now for something completely random, in the true spirit of ITTB (or so I'd like to hope).

Please find below my 'snips' from the last-but-one episode of Countryfile from the wonderful Isle of Anglesey, all of which may be 'clicked to enlarge'. (I didn't want to waste them.)

Most are 'snips' of the magnificent Menai Straits, though there's also a famous lighthouse shot, a moody shot with a factory chimney and Snowdonia in the background, plus a couple of 'snips' of gorse-filled inland Anglesey - all very carefully chosen for your delectation!

It's not Morecambe Bay but it's not a bad place to visit either.

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  1. Wow is that it ? so they come over the bridge and all they show is a bit of the rich end by the expensive restaurant ? there is sooo much more to this craggy island


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