Saturday 17 September 2016

Three points

A question from our Melanie re the ousting of BBC Trust head Rona Fairhead by Theresa May: 

Melanie was reacting to a typically sharp piece by David Keighley at The Conservative Woman headlined Failure to tackle endemic BBC bias could derail Brexitwhere David considered the same question (and has some fascinating stuff on BBC trustee Richard Ayre).

A trio of comments below David's post, however, raise familiar, nagging points: 

  1. Everyone knows the BBC is biased anyhow, so why bother spelling it out?
  2. Spelling it out is all very well but shouldn't you be actively campaigning to getting the guilty parties (at the BBC) punished? 
  3. The BBC, despite decades of pro-EU bias, completely failed to prevent a vote for Brexit, so relax! The BBC will fail here too.

To which the following three answers may be given:

  1. Not everyone thinks that the BBC is biased. Lots of people still trust the BBC. 
  2. We're busy people . We can only do so much. And who says we don't already (as much as we can)? Still, If you really want a no-holds-barred campaign to get biased BBC employees publicly reprimanded or sacked, why not do it yourself? (Go on! Go on! Go on!) Feel free to use our 'spelling out' to help you. (Consider it a team effort!)
  3. A fair point and, hopefully, you're right. But complacency on that front would be the very worst thing here. Just because something hasn't worked out before for someone (or some organisation, like the BBC) doesn't necessary mean it won't work out for them next time, if they work hard enough. Plus who's to say that the pro-Brexit vote might not have been even more decisive without the BBC's long shadow of (pro-EU) influence? Discuss (if you want to).

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