Sunday 25 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn on "anti-Semitism, any form of racism" (again)

Guido Fawkes has an absolute shocker of a story from this week's Labour conference, demonstrating continuing antisemitism in the Labour Party. If you've not already seen it I'd urge you to take a deep breath and read it. I'd say 'Unbelievable!' but, alas, it really isn't anymore. 

Meanwhile, here's a brief exchange on the same subject from this morning's The Andrew Marr Show
Andrew Marr: Let me put to you something that Lord Mitchell - who has just resigned from the party in the Lords - has said today. He said, first of all, that he has to go because he thinks Momentum, 'Corbyn’s people', he says, ‘have the Labour Party by the throat’ is his expression. But he then goes on to say something quite disturbing... 
Jeremy Corbyn: Has Lord Mitchell ever met anyone in Momentum? Has he ever spoken to anyone in Momentum? 
Andrew Marr: I haven’t asked him, I have to confess. But he also says this, and this goes back to, I know, issues in the past. He says, ‘I think it’s very difficult if you are Jewish and you support Israel to be a member of the Labour Party.’ That’s disturbing that he thinks that, isn’t it? 
Jeremy Corbyn: It’s unfortunate he would say that, because it’s not a fair comment. And I would hope that he would reflect on that because clearly there are diverse views within the party on issues in the Middle East, but there’s absolute unity in the part of opposing any form of anti-Semitism, any form of racism, in the party. That is very clear. 
Andrew Marr: Let me move on to big policy issues. 


  1. To be fair, it's going to be a little more favorable to Corbyn today because he won the vote. But it was a bit too much, not anywhere near enough challenge. Marr's gesture towards a challenge to that extremist Corybnista on the morning paper sofa was a perfunctory, "You're all a bunch of old Trots". He knew that was crap saying it to a young woman, when everybody knows the extremist/Momentum new members are largely young. It was a wet strawman set up for her to knock down with aplomb. They're actually a bunch of young Trots, but Marr wouldn't say that.

    At least he didn't have to choke over an apology this time.

    1. Andrew probably has to be careful grasping for anything hidden around young ladies.

      Moving on...

    2. Naughty. Marr said the same thing to Corbyn. It was a nice ball set up for him to whack out of the park.


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