Saturday 17 September 2016

Judging over time

On 6 August Today announced a series of Saturday specials on Brexit. 

In the event all we got was a heavily-pro-Remain-loaded special from Manchester (6/8), a much-more-balanced special from Felixstowe (13/8) and a very-heavily-pro-Remain-loaded special from Gibraltar (20/8). 

And that was it. 

Four Saturdays have since followed and there have been no further Brexit specials. 

Given how heavy the tilt had been towards voices who voted against Brexit in those three Today specials, the BBC's 'due impartiality' line about judging programmes over time can only result in the following judgement: Today betrayed a strong anti-Brexit bias there.

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  1. Very true Craig. I don't think anyone has any doubt that is the case. The point now is to change it. How do you do that? I think the quickest way is to have appointment of the senior management by democratic vote of the licence fee payers. There are lots of other things that can be done but that would provoke immediate change - even before it was actually introduced...


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