Sunday 25 September 2016

Something more on Question Time audiences

Still catching up...

Andrew Marr's interview with Morecambe-born Labour leadership failure Owen Smith (two weeks ago) contained an interesting comment from the unsuccessful Mr. Smith:
Andrew Marr: Owen Smith, your fundamental pitch is that Jeremy Corbyn is less electable than Owen Smith. What possible evidence do you have of that? He has been getting huge crowds all around the country. He’s been addressing massive rallies. And when it comes to something like the BBC’s Question Time everyone pours over him at the end to get selfies, not, I’m afraid, to you.
Owen Smith: Well, they did actually afterwards. And I was quite interested to see some of the Facebook pages from them saying, "We conned the BBC by saying we were Owen Smith fans only to turn up to big up Jeremy". But the truth is, of course, you can’t mistake mass rallies for a mass movement. The Labour Party has to win back two million votes.
Well, if true, that's likely to be far from the first time anything like that's ever happened with a Question Time audience!

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