Monday 5 September 2016

Not a corrupt woman

It seems a bit late in the day to post this, but Andrew Marr’s Sunday morning conversation with Shami Chakrabarti seems to have made quite an impression. She has set off a load of speculation about a future post in the shadow cabinet. When asked about it by Marr her evasive response was almost identical to her previous evasiveness when questioned about those rumours of a peerage.  No wonder everyone is speculating.

She’s plainly on a mission to reinvent her image. “Born again” as an honourable woman.
She seemed somewhat sheepish and subdued on Marr, looking anxiously back and forth at her fellow guests and Andrew for approval, and as I said in my comment she was careful not to be too critical of Theresa May, acting like someone on their best behaviour. It was noticeable that she did not grab the opportunity to have a jolly good go at Keith Vaz, which showed admirable restraint, given the way he publicly humiliated her over those infamous little post-it notes.

Of course, on this occasion we might be especially interested in Andrew Marr’s approach to his guest. I realise that she was not invited onto the programme as an interviewee - rather she was only there to review the Sunday papers, but since the banter did turn into a kind of interview, Marr might have probed more effectively. As it is, he merely gave her a platform to defend herself and assure us that she was not a corrupt woman. Who actually suggested she was?

The Guardian has kindly provided this excerpt for our entertainment.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Baroness Shami of Whitewash replied, "No," when asked if she had been offered a peerage before doing the report job for Corbyn. I'm sure I've heard her say on the BBC previously that she had been offered gongs plenty of times and had turned them down because she wouldn't take it as a gift for doing favors. So which is it?

  2. Interesting performance if seeking to polish the image.

    Somewhere between Richard Nixon on the ropes and Bill Clinton during a time of less truthiness than usual.

    Of course, at this difficult time, if anyone is to be wary of more probing, it is the fearless Mr. Marr.

  3. She is appointed to chair an independent inquiry into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. The scope of the inquiry is changed shifting the emphasis away from anti-Semitism. She then joins the Labour Party. Unsurprisingly, it soon becomes clear that it isn’t an inquiry at all in any real sense of the word - just a crude attempt to get Labour off the hook. She is then offered a peerage by the head of the Labour Party and now apparently a possible job in the shadow cabinet.

    Sorry to rehash what everybody knows already, but I just had to write it down to confirm to myself that it had really happened. What amazes me above all, is that she and the rest of the Corbynistas believe that it could be perceived as anything other than corruption.

  4. She is an ENABLER.

    These days you are either enablers or non-enablers. She is obviously an enabler.

    I can't actually think of an MP who is a non-enabler and that is a very sad commentary.

  5. As of now it seems the BBC doesn't to think it's important at all that Hillary Clinton has a coughing fit on plane speaking to reporters followed up by a coughing fit when trying to speak to an audience...

    Par for the course...

    They will have a lot of catching up to do when Hillary either DIES or withdraws from the Presidential race.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. The Beeboids are perfectly capable of taking that clip (it was on a stage) and wetting themselves over how awesome and presidential she is for thinking on her feet and turning it into an opportunity for a great ad lib, the funniest thing they've heard on the campaign trail yet, proves Trump is Hitler, etc.

      Does the new season of Have I Got News For You start up soon enough to use it?

  6. Speaking of mud being thrown, as she was in that clip, Penguin Books had to apologise, withdraw and pay compensation and costs for mud thrown in Chakrabarti's book at Martin Hemming a former MoD head of legal services. And look what she took as the title for her book. Not half got delusions of grandeur. Too much power for too long, and fawning by BBC, Labour prime ministers, Olympic committees and the rest must have gone to her head. That report for Corbyn wasn't exactly a work of quality and distinction such as one might expect from one so feted.



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