Saturday, 11 February 2017

O, wad some Power the giftie gie us/To see oursels as others see us!

In other bias-related news, a survey for The Herald shows that 36% of Scots think the BBC is biased against independence. 

I can't say that comes as particularly surprising news, but the other figures - 23% disagreeing and 41% neither agreeing or disagreeing - are still striking.

Less than a quarter of Scots were prepared to give the BBC the thumbs-up in this survey. 

That's not good for the BBC, is it?


  1. Ah, but, a poll of the BBC by the BBC shows clearly that the BBC need not care what anyone except the BBC thinks.

    They are unique this way.

  2. Complaints From Both Sides. I remember plenty of people (including David Vance and others at B-BBC) who were sure the BBC was pushing for Scottish independence. That never made sense to me just because it would mean the BBC deliberately wanting to lose a captive audience and the accompanying license fee cash at a time when they were crying about nasty Tory budget cuts and all that.

    I never saw any Scotland BBC stuff, so can't say what was going on there. I do remember from what I did see Alex Salmond getting lots of easy rides and only Andrew Neil ever giving a serious challenge to the SNP's economic fantasies. Enough air time was also given to some of the loonier ScotsNats, and I did get the impression from the BBC that Scots were leaning towards FREEDOM, when in fact the majority were not.