Thursday 28 November 2019

A Pointless celebrity tweets

Happy birthday to our Pointless friend Richard!

(I do like your programme).

And if you're going to tweet a political opinion because it's your birthday, and you're a BBC co-presenter, why not really go for it?

Richard Osman, BBC Pointless co-presenter: I try not to tweet political opinions, but as it’s my birthday allow me just one. The Tories do want to sell off the NHS. Not in one go, just bit by bit until it’s unrecognisable. You’ll turn up one day and there will be a priority waiting room. They’ve always been open about it. 

Some people might feel their inner Hyacinth Bucket crying, Oh, Richard!!!!!

Well, at least social media allows people to disagree - even with Pointless BBC left-wing co-presenters. You can even call them out on what you believe to be fake news:

Tom Harwood, The Daily Telegraph: The thing about big lies like this is they've been made for decades and no one has ever answered for them. Somehow they claim that NHS privatisation is always just around the corner. It never is. No accountability for this charlatan.


  1. Yep, this is a total lie. They are not "selling off the NHS" - or if they are, then so has every Labour government since Nye Bevan been selling it off - it was Labour that introduced prescription and dental charges, not the Conservatives.

    All the average voter is concerned about is that it is free at the point of use and that it doesn't involve complicated red tape. Those are the two great things about the NHS. It relieves you of a lot of anxiety that would otherwise be there.

    Maybe it's time for the Conservatives to take Labour to court for its lies.

  2. It's not enough that the well-paid Osman is on our screens every day - twice at the moment - to be a real BBC 'fellow', you need to express publicly your liberal left credentials so that all other BBC liberal left 'fellows'( ie programme commissioners) can chalk up your name as 'one of us'.

    1. Especially so for Osman because as a hideously white, slightly ageing, laddish type in the Lineker mould, his sell-by date could be fast approaching.

    2. I agree: middle aged white male Beebists have to engage in lavish displays of adherence to the party line, sometimes even lengthy bouts of self-criticism (Adrian Chiles is a specialist in that) if they are to retain their jobs. Diversity is not about fair treatment it is about proving the correctness of the ideology.

  3. Perhaps he has taken part in too many episodes of "Would I Lie To You?"?

  4. Osman's crazy tweet has
    that is a lot
    in political terms that is a HELLUVA LOT
    only Trump/Obama get those numbers
    I do suspect Labour support half comes from actual bot accounts
    and half from brainwashed humans behaving like bots

    I listened to R4 Wednesday night youth debate and most of those kids seemed to be the latter.

  5. 9am LBC Boris the bumbling bottler, is bumbling Ferrari to death.

    The guy is no Thatcher or Farage
    However he did start by addressing Osman's tweet and said the NHS is definitely not for sale.


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