Saturday 23 November 2019


I did like the pause before the final punchline in Iain Watson's report for Radio 4's Today this morning. Great comic timing!

It's not clear if last night's lively grilling of major politicians will shift the dial in this election but it's certainly marked a shift in Jeremy Corbyn's position on Brexit. His followers will say he's risen above the fray, his critics that he's become more decisive...(pause)...about sitting on the fence.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn's announcement that he'd 'stay neutral in Brexit referendum' is being carried as headline news on the BBC News website Home page and Election 2019 page. This is not news. It's akin to a football team's captain saying he will await the result of a match before taking part in the action. In football parlance the Labour team are carrying a passenger - and their captain at that. In news terms, the important headline promoted by the BBC reveals to the average reader a different type of 'news' - that the BBC aren't doing their job in exposing Corbyn's dubious position over Brexit.


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