Sunday 24 November 2019

She who dares

Further to Sue's Off its rocker post, here's Sarah Baxter in The Sunday Times:
A woman with very decided opinions appeared on BBC1’s Question Time in Bolton last week. This member of the audience was no shrinking violet; indeed she offered her views with great force and at high volume. She was an English teacher, she said: “I teach my pupils about politics, about mutual respect, about tolerance, about all the brilliant, fundamental British values.” 
But here’s the thing. Her face was concealed by the niqab — or burqa, as she called it. Only her eyes, flashing angrily, were visible. And, boy, was she furious about “Islamophobia” and specifically with Boris Johnson for comparing “women like her” to letterboxes, even though he had also defended their inalienable right to wear whatever they chose. 
For the first time in my life, I understood what being “triggered” feels like. Because the niqab is a garment that makes me feel afraid and threatened as a woman.


  1. I have no respect for people like Baxter - Jenny-come-latelys - whom I have seen countless times joining in Boris-bashing, Trump-bashing, Orban-bashing, Taqiyya-enabling and general promotion of PC ideology. I'm glad if some of them are now beginning to see where all this is leading but their tardiness in doing so has propelled us along this path.

  2. I don't understand why people are so keen as to adopt the naming of this garb as the writer does in this article. You'd think she was the authority on it but the mere wearer of it only calls it something else. Daft or what?

  3. For another similarly 'outraged' and offended wearer of unusual, not to say, outlandish style, see here from the Mail:

    I had to laugh, not least at the comparison to Jedward but also at this senior police officer informing us that this is sexist and homophobic abuse and was recorded as a hate incident. Never mind that 'sexist' doesn't qualify as 'hate' in the police lexicon. It's just as well there was 'homophobia' to do stand-in duty then.


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