Friday 22 November 2019

The kiss of death

I may have inadvertantly blighted the career of David Jordan, the BBC’s Director, Editorial Policy & Standards, by praising him here recently

But that's as nothing compared to what's recently befallen poor Laura K. She's received the blessing of the lad the pro-EU #FBPE mob especially love to hate - young Darren Grimes: 
I've never come across a more impartial, kind and courteous journalist than the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg. Who knows her politics? I haven't a clue. That's how it is and how it should be. The boos directed at her at this manifesto launch are chilling.
That won't go down well with the mob. 

Darren was, of course, talking about the Labour election launch, where (as you'll know) this happened:
Becky Long-Bailey: We have got some time for questions. I'll take them in rounds of three. And I don't need to tell this well-behaved audience, let the people who are putting the questions forward the full opportunity (sic) to have their questions heard, and please give Jeremy the opportunity to respond in full. And you'll get a gold star at the end of the day. 
Jeremy Corbyn: If you don't get a gold star you'll get a grim-faced badge.
Becky Long-Bailey: You'll get my angry face. You don't want that. 
Jeremy Corbyn: Ooooh!!
Becky Long-Bailey: So first up, we've got the BBC. Laura Kuenssberg. 
Boos from parts of the audience.
Jeremy Corbyn: No, no, no, no, sorry...
Becky Long-Bailey: No, no, no, no.
Jeremy Corbyn: Sorry. We don't do that. All journalists will be heard with respect. 
The bulk of the audience cheers and applauds.

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  1. I think Young Darren knew exactly what he was doing there.


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