Sunday 24 November 2019


This morning's Sunday featured an interview with Rose Hudson-Wilson, the former Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons who has become Bishop of Dover. Presenter Emily Buchanan asked her about race:
Do you think in terms of your own position in the Church that the Church is getting any better at the way it treats people from ethnic minorities? I mean, you are still pretty exceptional, aren't you? There's only the Archbishop of York John Sentamu and the Bishop of Woolwich who are also from ethnic minorities.
Bishops of Dover, York and Woolwich only Ethnic minority bishops in the Church of England? Really? What about + Bradwell and + Loughborough? Please check facts!!
And he's correct.  Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Loughborough, and John Perumbalath, Bishop of Bradwell, are both from ethnic minorities.


  1. Church of England or Church of Ethnic Minorities? Are we still allowed to even have an England or is it David Lammy's personal fiefdom now?

  2. Darn you beat me !
    I heard that and thought
    Wow the presenter said "exceptional" .. then said there are 3 BAME
    And I thought I bet there are more
    And was pretty proud when I checked the list and thought I can see 2 more ..there may be more

    And then I thought I'd check ITBB and then check Twitter.

  3. My full comment
    I switched on the radio at 6:45am and straight away agenda pushing was in my face
    Global Warming, asylum seekers and "men"
    ie R4 was doing a farming and Climate Change special, so I switched to Humberside who were doing asylum seekers in the religion prog
    Over to Radio Leeds religion prog where it was asylum seekers as well
    and probably the same on Radio Sheffield.
    Then "men" came up in the news
    The African preacher intimidating Jews on the train was referred to as "a men"
    Meanwhile "men" with machetes were involved in a Birmingham cinema brawl
    Then into R4 Sunday .. one of those core virtue signalling progs
    - It opened with item about a Quaker woman being married to another woman, being sent as a delegate to an interchurch org and being elected as one of the 6 presidents even though half the churches oppose same sex marriage.
    - Then a survey said 'half of Christians don't believe in God' etc.
    - They played Allah Akbar, before a Muslim vox pop
    - Atheist parents having problems with a village school
    - HK
    - The Catholic Charity that kept a Belgian priest in CAR Africa and promoted him to country director, even though he had a criminal paedophile record in Belgium
    - the first black woman to be consecrated a bishop in the Church of England.
    "You are pretty *exceptional* being a bishop from an ethnic minority ..there is only YOU, The Archbishop of York and the Bishop of Woolich"
    Em there are only 60 bishops so she is not the exception
    BTW The Bishop of Loughborough is an Iranian woman
    The Bishop for Chelmsford is an Indian guy
    So that is at least 5 BAME
    And in the UK black people are more likely to be in Evangelical churches.
    - A new report released by the Church of England paints a damning picture of the Church's record on anti-Semitism.

    Next prog was the charity appeal : which was also GREENBLOB agenda that organises solar panels for Africans.

  4. Ed Sturton did a promo tweet
    She weathered the storm of Parliament during one of the most turbulent periods in recent history,
    now Rev Dr Rose Hudson Wilkin is the Bishop of Dover.
    She tells us that she plans to make the plight of *refugees* a key focus.

    It had a big pic of her face to emphasise that she is black.

  5. Have you noticed that each week the prog is trolled on Twitter each week before the show, by an atheist guy who says
    "And now the week's real religious news that
    @BBCR4Sunday somehow missed ...

    As he lists the stories the've left out, due to their priority of pushing PC and socialist politics stuff.

    1. Yes, I've been reading his tweets for a while now. Unusually, he quite liked some of today's items.

  6. I don't know about exceptional. Her appointment to the House of Commons was, I believe, Bercow's doing. That's what he was about: 'minorities'. She's also been vocal about black people and about racism. It's interesting that the Chaplain was a Jamaican and the Serjeant at Arms, who carries the mace, was a Moroccan and during the scandal that engulfed Bercow about bullying of staff - including an Inquiry by a retired judge - the Chaplain declared herself a friend and would not speak against him. Fast forward and just before he departed, Bercow announced the new Chaplain, also a 'minority', to have been recruited on merit, he emphasised, from some post of head of diversity I forget where; also a woman and I think half Asian, possibly Indian. And the Moroccan seems to have been replaced too, or at least I've noticed the Mace being carried recently by a different 'minority', a black man.

    1. Appointment as Chaplain to Parliament, I should say, as I believe it covers the Lords too.

  7. Whenever it starts to get interesting on the Sunday R4 programme, they run out of time because the best bits are left until 8.45 am, with just 5 minutes before the appeal from some charity.

    As for the Belgian priest in Africa... what good is a DBS check equivalent in any African country for a Belgian? Criminal record checks in the UK are for UK crimes and foreigners have to have their foreign police respond - which they probably won't - and so why wasn't the African charity blamed for failure to do DBS checks? No you cannot blame them, they don't do DBS checks because the system to check people doesn't exist in most African countries, and police records are incomplete (polite euphemism for almost non existent).


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