Monday 25 November 2019

Bite on bum?

Look what Guido Fawkes has posted this morning. Michael Crick is ‘literally’ salivating at capturing this awkward ‘open mic’  blunder, but before gloating over a relatively minor ‘gotcha’, which no doubt will be made a massive banquet out of by the left-wing media, he might ask the master of the ‘set-up’,  a certain Mr Sweeney, whether catching out a 'set-up' is something to be quite so triumphant about.
Maybe Crick should consider exactly what it was he’d unearthed, and you never know, it might eventually come back to bite him on the bum.


  1. That was a fair cop, Sue. I think Mr Anderson's political career has bitten the dust.

    1. Yes, it was a fairish cop - but on your average scale of fraudulent and sneaky election stunts, I think Crick has inflated it beyond its worth, mainly for the self-aggrandisement of Crick. It kind of pales into insignificance when compared with, say, the shenanigans re the Peterborough by-election.

      As if most 'spontaneous' reality TV isn’t ‘set up’ anyway.

    2. As a firm believer in the concept of agency, I think 'know thine enemy' should be at the fore-front of the mind of anybody dealing with modern journalists.

      The Gordon Brown microphone incident and the release of Trump's pussy-grabbing footage were both strict no-no's in media world where I used to work. The gloves are off and only a fool would remotely trust fair play from the media.

      Aah, Peterborough, another story in the history of cowardly journalism. I just accept that that's where we are now. Until a few more of them feel some shame and choose a hill to die on over future employability, I'm afraid that's where we'll stay.

  2. Guido commenters basically say one day the BBC to have a similar open mic incident
    "Right you're coming on as just a normal member of the public, we won't mention that we know you are a Labour Party activist"


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