Sunday 24 November 2019


The World This Weekend today featured a turn by comedian Simon Evans that mocked all sides, but among the 'all sides' being mocked was one Jeremy Corbyn. 

Here's Simon's joke:
The only visual clue to character that jarred on the ITV debate was the odd angle at which he wore his glasses, suggesting he had taken the stage immediately after a brief tussle. Many viewers also noticed that one of the lenses of his glasses appeared to have a special coating, perhaps to enable him to see into the future - though, if so, it appears to have been in stalled back-to-front.
Yes, it's a wonky glasses joke and not exactly the kind of joke that's going to cause sides to split and result in laughter's ambulance being called, but wbo could complain about it?

Well, some people did.  

Enter, on Twitter, one of the platform's most regular (far-left) critics of the BBC, Clare Hepworth OBE:
SHOCKED & NAUSEATED at Simon Evans on Radio 4's The World This Weekend mocking Jeremy Corbyn's slight problem with his left eye & the special lens in his spectacles.
This folks - is the level to which the BBC Commentariat have descended.
It wasn't even *satire* - it was cruel & malicious.
Among Clare OBE's 36,000 followers the consensus can be easily summed up with one random tweet:
Simon Evans at the BBC's World This Weekend is the lowest of the low & should be sacked for mocking Jeremy in this manner. This is a form of disability discrimination & he should be ashamed & sacked!
Lots of talk of BBC bias and the BBC being corrupted followed.

Complaints from both sides!

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  1. Keep it coming...can only help chip away at the BBC's monolithic status.


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