Sunday 24 November 2019


The great Chris Mason (t/m Andrew Marr) responds:
Alex Balfour: Have you watched the BBC recently? It’s almost as if RP is no longer allowed. Great to have nice regional accents but then you get Chris Mason who sounds like a train conductor, Beth Rigby who turns ‘ings’ into ‘in’s’ and Steph McGovern who makes the Tetley ads sound highbrow! 
Chris Mason: Mercifully, the word ‘eejit’ means the same how ever you say it.

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  1. He'd better not listen to the continuity announcers on all main TV Channels and if he thinks Chris Mason sounds like a train conductor, I hope for the sake of his health he doesn't have to listen to the Labour Party spokeswomen Long-Bailey, Pidcock and co.


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