Saturday 16 November 2019

The end of after-school 'Newsround'

After 47 years (the first 17 of them as John Craven's Newsround), the BBC is bringing its teatime edition of Newsround to an end

The BBC says that children are getting their news online these days, so there's no great demand for it anymore.  

And so it seems....

Some people are describing it as a "short-sighted" decision (if that isn't offensive to myopic people).

Others are feeling wistful. "This is so sad", says Claire Cohen of the Daily Telegraph. "Without Newsround, I wouldn't remember the fall of the Berlin wall, the famine in Somalia and so much more. It gave me a sense of the world and the importance of news as a child."

I wish I could contribute a moving memory, but I really only remember John Craven's jumpers and stuff about saving the whales that made me want to save the whales when I was 9-10 years old. Will that do?

Wonder what causes Newsround has been promoting recently?


  1. An old colleague told me he used to play 'guess the animal' with his student flatmates - which animal will Newsround cover today?

  2. If Newsround is cancelled because children get their news online instead, Huw’s days must be numbered.


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