Saturday 23 November 2019

Things that are predictable

When it was found out that one of the 'members of the public' in the Question Time leaders debate audience was a Corbynite actress closely linked to Mr Corbyn's favourite film director Ken Loach, I wrote:
bet Kate was far from being the only activist there tonight. In fact. I'm wondering who wasn't an activist.
So it's no surprise (h/t Peter) that Guido Fawkes has now exposed another audience member - the one who wrongly claimed that Harold Wilson remained neutral during the 1975 referendum - as being a Social Media and Communications Officer for the Labour Party. 

I still suspect that several more of the audience members who spoke last night will have been party activists of one stripe or another. It's just the way of Question Time audiences. 

So, if it ought to be stopped, how can it be stopped?

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  1. Thanks Craig and Peter...

    Just underlines how there needs to be a serious inquiry into how the QT audience was selected.

    Why aren't the Conservatives whipping up a storm over this? They don't need to do it directly...get some activists to start a petition, get some friendly journos to demand an inquiry, write a private letter to the DG expressing concern...and then make sure it is leaked.

    But just accepting this gross manufactured bias? Why?? Do they think the BBC are ever going to be nice to them?


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