Monday 18 November 2019

That's the way to do it

So it turns out that if - unlike Andrew Marr yesterday - you do ask Jeremy Corbyn about his "friends" Hamas and Hizbollah, he becomes noticeably less relaxed during interviews:

Crikey, indeed!


  1. Is there something wrong with the links - or is it just me??

    1. Not just you.

    2. Ah, as Peter guessed, Jeremy Vine deleted that tweet. I'm assuming Corbynistas lauched a pile-on against him.

  2. Tweet no longer available but I can imagine. Take a look at the interview with Krishna Guru-Murthy (from 08:00)...

    Methinks the man doth protest too much about tabloid journalism!

    And why are our so called journalists incapable of digging out what Hamas actually stand for (it's all in their constitution) and putting that to Corbyn. They are NOT an Arab nationalist movement.

    It makes you think: Marr must know about the Guru-Murthy interview, must know Corbyn is vulnerable and sensitive about this and yet he chooses (for choice it is) not to make any reference to it.

  3. Either there is a lot of tweet deleting going on or I am being blocked by the entire trusted and transparent media industry.


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