Saturday 30 November 2019

Into the sewer

Meanwhile, in the more sewer-like parts of social media, elements of the left and the Islamic community have been heavily promoting the false flag concept. 'Isn't it too convenient that this attack happened during an election, just like the last terrorist attack at London Bridge?' 'Why is there a tweet from Boris Johnson that is time-stamped some five hours too early?' (I remember that one from past right-wing false flag allegations! It's something to do with time zones and Twitter default settings.) And there are Corbyn supporters accusing the police of 'state murder'. And there are others blaming the Conservative Party for producing a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet (saying 'A man was murdered by British Police in Broad daylight'). Maybe BBC Trending can look into this sewer and report back?

Update: Ah, right on cue. I see BBC Trending's Mike Wendling has picked up on one element of this - yes, the fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet:
There’s a fake Jeremy Corbyn London bridge tweet that appears to have come from an anti -Labour troll account. Not huge traction, but it’s also floating on Whatsapp where who know.
I did wonder if that would be the thing that caught BBC Trending's eye (the Right rather than the Left's disgusting behaviour). 


  1. The Hatey No Hopers are a Labour front group
    dedicated to supporting Labour by stirring up hate against its political opponents.
    Wendlings's BBC reports always make it sound like he works from with a HnH office as he has "far right" shouting Tourets.

    1. Yes but with a strong SWP element as well.


    A-wendling we will go!
    A-wendling we will go!
    Perceiving with our PC lens
    Wherever we may go!
    A-trending we will go!
    A-trending we will go!
    We'll tell you what is trending,
    What we hide, you'll never know!
    A-wendling we will go!
    A-wendling we will go!
    We hope you hate the things we hate
    Or we will hate you so!
    A-we-e-e-endling we will go-o-o!!!


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