Friday 29 November 2019

"I think there is a bias towards saying Israel is a democracy in the Middle East"

Here's (apparently) newly-found footage of Jeremy Corbyn on Iran's Press TV (naturally) talking about BBC bias and Israel: 

Huffington Post editor Paul Waugh's thread continued:
  • His supporters may say Corbyn was clumsily trying to say BBC spent too much time referring to Israel as a democracy with security concerns and as a state with a right to exist, but neglects *Palestine*'s democracy, right to exist + security concerns. But that's not how it sounds.  
  • Of course the real point of his remarks is to claim the BBC is 'biased' towards Israel (a charge it would vigorously deny and demand he showed evidence) *because* of pressure from the Israeli govt. Itself feeding the old trope of global Jewish manipulation of the media.

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