Saturday 23 November 2019

Anita Anand isn't beyond reproach

As a post on Friday here noted, Justin Webb was on the end of an official BBC 'correction and clarification' last week for inaccurately saying "Boris Johnson said the Royal Family's beyond reproach":
Wednesday 20th November 2019: Today, BBC Radio 4, 20 November 2019 
In a discussion about the impact of the Leadership election debate, we said Boris Johnson had said the Royal Family is beyond reproach. 
To be precise Boris Johnson had said: 'The institution of the monarchy is beyond reproach.'
As Anonymous noted in the comments, "Anita Anand isn't beyond reproach. On Any Answers? this afternoon she teed off with the same misrepresentation, asking whether listeners agreed with Boris Johnson that the Royal Family is beyond reproach".

She did indeed and, so, ought surely to receive the same ticking-off from the BBC?

Here for the record, is a transcript:
We can also talk about the Royal Family. After everything we've seen over the last couple of weeks, do you agree with Boris Johnson the Royal Family is really "beyond reproach"?

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  1. As I said on another thread, Justin is a bit thick. So it's difficult to know whether his pathetic errors are generated by bias or stupidity...sometimes it's both.

    Nick Robinson would never have made this error...way too clever and shifty...he would have quoted BJ's words or paraphrased accurately but then used some clever phrases to link the institution to the actual Royal Family and get Justin's desired effect without any suggestion that he'd got things wrong in terms of quotation.


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