Saturday 30 November 2019

Getting it right

An extremely minor point, but (as per Newssniffer) it took over eight hours for the BBC's main report to be corrected on a factual point.

From 23:44 last night till 8:12 this morning, the BBC report talked of:

 a narwhal tusk - a long white horn that protrudes from the porpoise 

Finally, at 8:12, that changed to:

 a narwhal tusk - a long white horn that protrudes from the whale 

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  1. Let's hope he isn't unpersoned in due course like the "F*** off I'm Millwall" guy from the last attack who helped slow down the terrorists on that occasion - he should have received a Knighthood. I don't hold out much hope for him - being Polish is a bad start as far as the BBC are concerned. One non-PC Polish-style comment could put the rozzers on him.

    I think the response of the members of the public on London Bridge was brilliant, inspiring and very helpful. A lot of people carry fire extinguishers in their cars - they will now know they can be used as an effective weapon against terrorists, even if they don't have a narwhal tusk to hand. :)

    Presumably the Green Party will be calling for someone's resignation because there was an ivory piece in place at Fishmongers' Hall.


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