Sunday 24 November 2019

Another day, another antisemite

Until reading Rod Liddle's latest Sunday Times piece (very good, as ever) I wasn't aware that the Labour Party had been compelled to remove an election leaflet ('Real Change for Young Workers') from circulation this week. 

And why did they withdraw the flyer? Because the young activist featured prominently on it, one Kierin Offlands, has been found to have made antisemitic slurs and suspended

It's a grim thing that this eye-popping story feels like a sign of the times. 

Rod wonders:
Did the Labour Party choose an anti-semite as its poster boy because it couldn’t give a toss about anti-semitism? Or was it because it couldn’t find anyone in the approved section of the party — that is, the far left — who hadn’t expressed anti-semitic views? Maybe a bit of both.
I see that that the story was reported widely in the papers, but not by the BBC.

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