Sunday 17 November 2019

Feeling the love

Actor Jason Watkins, presently playing Harold Wilson in The Crown (and looking, at times, surprisingly like Peter Hitchens of The Mail on Sunday), began his interview with Andrew Marr this morning by giving an effusive defence of the BBC:
Jason Watkins: I'm very affectionate towards the BBC, warts and all. It's very important part of our society and...
Andrew Marr: Yes...
Jason Watkins: ...our fabric of our society for and because you don't have to subscribe [no, but you do have the pay the BBC licence fee, Jason!] then I feel that's very important and as a national institution I think it needs to be cherished and there are all sorts of new contenders, Netflix, of course one of them. And I think it's very important that for the nation that we are able to keep a little bit like the NHS, that I think the BBC, occupies a similar territory. 
Andrew then told him that the new series of The Crown is "absolutely sensational".

Isn't that nice!


  1. #BBCHRCrulesapply

    Cooperate and backs get scratched.

  2. We have to pay for the BBC to broadcast such self-congratulatory rubbish.

    The Conservatives have missed a trick by not pledging the end of the licence fee and introduction of a cheaper subscription basis.


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