Sunday 17 November 2019

Great, wet dollops of foul-smelling mud

Good morning. This a strange campaign so far. It's been thin, almost tawdry. Lots of verbal abuse. Great, wet dollops of foul-smelling mud being thrown in every direction. Slip-ups and pratfalls and silly photo ops with increasingly irritated voters. But where are the big arguments to get our pulses racing? The breakthrough policies? Well, now at last, that's changing. The Tories want to reverse the Beeching rail cuts. Labour's offering free broadband and after their manifesto meeting yesterday, promising a transformational plan for the UK. So this morning perhaps real promises, real choices, a real election at last.

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  1. The choice was and is between welfare capitalism and a noxious form of Marxism. The BBC does everything in its power to try and avoid describing it in those terms, just as Andrew Marr does everything in his power to disguise the fact he was a hard left Maoist well into his 20s.


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