Tuesday 26 November 2019

Meanwhile, over at ITV...

ITV's political editor Robert Peston speaks (on Twitter):
The Chief Rabbi’s intervention in the general election is without precedent. I find it heartbreaking, as a Jew, that the rabbi who by convention is seen as the figurehead of the Jewish community, feels compelled to write this about Labour and its leader. I am not making any kind of political statement here. What I am saying is our democracy has traditionally been a beacon of tolerance and understanding. The Chief Rabbi says our democracy has been poisoned. I hope his intervention is a catharsis that heals but I fear the worst. There is an enormous amount of predictable “whataboutery” in response the Chief Rabbi - “what about Islamaphobia in Tory party?” etc. Which is as if to say we don’t need to worry about alleged racism in one of the main parties if there is alleged racism in the other one...Really? If that is your argument, we really are in the handcart to hell.
Tolerance, understanding, catharsis and healing aren't much in evidence in the Corbynista-dominated replies. And they do think it's a political statement.


  1. "What I am saying is our democracy has traditionally been a beacon of tolerance and understanding"

    Except when the electorate give the wrong answer as they did in June 2016

    Dickheads like Peston seem to think the peasants are unaware that democracy only exists when the losers accept the result of a vote.

    1. Peston lost all credibility when he backed Rory Stewart for the highest office in the land, behaving like a lovesick teenager putting up a poster of her favourite pop star on her bedroom wall. It was clear to me from the first time I saw him speak that Stewart had no leadership qualities whatsoever and was completely self-obsessed. Why did Peston "fall" for him? Because he thought Stewart could stop a meaningful Brexit.

  2. Peston sustains the lie that having doubts about a political-religious cult that is quite open about taking over the world, by violence if necessary, is racist.

    Perhaps he can ponder that as he weaves his way between 'the pillars of Islam' that now obstruct all our public spaces?

  3. By accepting that so-called Islamophobia is the identical twin of anti-semitism, Peston is doing the work of the pro-Caliphaters everywhere.

    There is no equivalence. Islam has declared exactly what it wishes to see happen in the world: the creation of a global Caliphate ruled by Sharia, with no free speech and second class rights for non-Muslims and this is the template followed within countries that explicitly describe themselves as Islamic (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran).

    Jewish people have made huge contributions to world culture, out of all proportion to their population and outshining 1.6 billion followers of Islam. They have been persecuted throughout the Muslim world and in Europe.

    People described as Islamophobes are simply passing on how Islamic leaders (mostly clerics) themselves define and describe Islam. Antisemites are creating fantasy narratives that have nothing to do with how Jewish people describe their religion.

    1. The BBC did the same on the main BBC One news tonight with a nifty bit of whataboutery.

      They even had Kuenssberg doing a brief analysis on Islamophobia to give the necessary equivalence.

    2. I always want to say to these PC media types - "Can you tell me one part of Sharia law you would like to see introduced in the UK?"

      I am absolutely sure they wouldn't like second class citizenship for women and non-Muslims or a requirement for multiple witnesses for rape (victim testimony not admissable by itself) or sanctioned slavery or consumated marriages of young children or bans on various art forms or blasphemy laws or prohibition of homosexuality...or - I could continue listing aspects of Sharia law for another 1000 words, knowing they wouldn't like any of it.

      They - Kuennesberg, Easton, Peston, Bradby, Rigby, Boulton, Maitlis, Guru-Murthy, Snow, Wark...all of them - are all stinking hypocrites when it comes to Islam. They none of them like or approve of Islam...in fact they vehemently detest all aspects of Sharia law...but they all subscribe to the idea that to criticise Islam and Sharia robustly on a factual basis amounts to being "racist" and "Islamophobic".

      They might be perfectly pleasant individuals on a one-to-one basis but I can't forgive their rank hypocrisy on this crucial issue - one of such importance to the future happiness and prosperity of our nation. They wield huge power through their positions in the media but rather than use that power wisely and with good intent, they use it to lie about Islam, Sharia and Islamophobia, and about their own personal opinions on these matters.


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