Saturday 23 November 2019

Oh dear

Have I Got News For You actually made a joke about Labour last night, and guess what? Yes, the pro-Corbyn crazies on Twitter went mad, accusing the programme of having made a racist attack on Diane Abbott. 

Of course, the programme was actually making a joke about Diane Abbott's famous inability to get numbers right. 

Anyhow, here's a sample of the madness to brighten up your Saturday morning:

  • David Mitchell, I was astonished at your not very well disguised racist attack on Diane Abbott on #HIGNFY.
  • WTF is the matter with these so called alternative comedians they are as funny as a boil on the arse, to make fun of some ones colour is the lowest, Dianne Abbott is one of the most intelligent people in politics and deserves our respect you irrelevant arseholes. #HIGNFY
  • So David Mitchell, I see you're a racist bully now, with that geriatric "joke" wheeled out yet again on #HIGNFY. Where's your pride and decency posh boy?
  • I'm so disappointed in DM. I knew his was a wet liberal but the abject, desperate, unfunny, racist state of him on #HIGNFY reveals his true colours. Foul.


  1. Nothing to do with Abbott but something I read that made me laugh. I don't know if it's a geriatric joke:

    'I keep my door key attached to my trouser belt. The reason is that when I leave the house I always check I have my glasses, mobile phone and door key. That way I never leave home without my trousers.'

  2. Of course David Mitchell is racist. All white people are inherently racist!

    I would hazard a guess that most of the crazies are virtue signalling white liberals who lack the logical capacity to see that excluding black people from ever being the subject of a joke is in itself racist.

    1. Well said, Terry! Get with the programme Mitchell!! Unless you perform Maoist-style obeisance before the righteous masses, admitting to gross thought-crimes such as thinking Diane Abbott isn't very good with numbers...or maybe Lenny Henry isn't a very good classical actor...or even maybe Baroness Warsi isn't all she seems...

      Surely the bien pensant Mitchell realises he has to confess to these appalling crimes if he is to continue his lucrative TV career after Corbyn takes power.

      Or maybe he's just realised he will have to pay punitivie capital gains tax on his wife's poker winnings once a Corbyn government is elected.


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