Friday 22 November 2019

Is Justin Webb beyond reproach?

Wednesday 20th November 2019: Today, BBC Radio 4, 20 November 2019 
In a discussion about the impact of the Leadership election debate, we said Boris Johnson had said the Royal Family is beyond reproach. 
To be precise Boris Johnson had said: 'The institution of the monarchy is beyond reproach.'

That, of course, was in the light of the Prince Andrew debacle. 

Looking it up, the "we" who said that turns out to have been Justin Webb. His exact words were: 
Boris Johnson said the Royal Family's beyond reproach.
It's not been Justin's week.


  1. Is it just me, or does Justin strike others as a bit thick...?

  2. Not just you. He's always seemed to me to be distinctly second rate.

  3. Anita Anand isn't beyond reproach. On Any Answers? this afternoon she teed off with the same misrepresentation, asking whether listeners agreed with Boris Johnson that the Royal Family is beyond reproach.


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