Sunday 24 November 2019


I just thought I’d get these off my chest.

Lily Allen is a bit miffed that people thought her ‘crying’ video was genuine when it was actually enhanced, using an Augmented Reality Filter. What was even funnier was that, given her notorious emotional incontinence, it seemed entirely credible.
And, for afters, Jo Coburn questions Ken Loach.


  1. "Reported by who ?" He says.

    This is a genuine watershed moment.

    "History is for us all to discuss". He says.

    Isn't it wierd that there is no difference at all between what Loach says and what extreme right web sites have been saying for years.

    I'm not even defending the 'there is nothing to discuss' argument, but when you add a 'national treasure' to the mix, how quickly it's accepted as being worth listening to by the BBC.

  2. Loach is loathsome, an apologist for some of the most brutal acts of terror. He enjoys immense wealth thanks to his peddling of Far Left narratives.

    Can you imagine him ever saying the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been built on ethnic cleansing? The Arab population of Israel has always been substantial and remains so. Where have the Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and Christians of Pakistan gone?

    Israel is probably the least ethnically cleansed part of the Middle East and South West Asia (think Pakistan, Afghanistan,Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Turkey/Armenia, Syria, Saudi Arabia). It is far less ethnically cleansed than virtually all of Eastern Europe.

    But Loach obsesses about this one country...wonder why? Can anyone think of a reason?

    1. On a similar theme, I’ve been trying to like The Crown, but I have difficulty watching Claire Foy, beautiful as she undoubtedly is, because of her close association with the bitter anti-Israel gang of luvvies of the Peter Kosminsky, Ken Loach, Mark Rylance, Maxine Peake group of left-wing thesps.
      The Promise: an exercise in British self-exculpation by the late David Cesarani
      The worst part of this affair was that Kosminsky posed as an impartial and uniquely knowledgable expert, and hosted an live online QA session on the I/P conflict in conjunction with Channel 4 shortly after transmission. Further historical inaccuracies were contributed by Channel 4’s news international editor, Lindsey Hilsum, another ‘historian’ with an anti-Israel agenda.

      “Kosminsky, who read chemistry at Oxford (in the fullness of time, his Communist father, who started out sewing pockets for Savile Row tailors, sent his son to Haberdashers' Aske's, a public school, with Oxford in mind) likes to describe the moment he decided on his future career: during a holiday, he was watching Ken Loach's Days of Hope, a television series about the British Labour movement. In a scene in an Irish pub, a group of British soldiers grew ever more dangerously rowdy until the teenage girl they had been baiting stood on a chair and sang a song about missing Ireland, at which point they morphed into just another group of homesick squaddies. Kosminsky felt the power of Loach's work. This was what he wanted to do.

      Not long after this series was completed and Kosminsky had established himself as a truly impartial narrator, lo and behold, he popped up on several pro-Palestine panels spouting the most obnoxious tripe alongside some of the most antisemitic activists on the scene.


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